Dedicated to the buy and sale of antiques for more than 30 years.

We have a great variety and categories of articles of different styles and periods and we are dedicated to the buy of antique works and objects.

We are an antique shop located in Barcelona, consolidated in the sector with more than 30 years of experience. The buy of art and antiques is the engine of our profession and that is why we have a good infrastructure in order to offer a personalized service to our customers interested in selling inheritances, private collections, antique belongings and objects related to the world of art and antiques.


Specialists in the sale and buy of artworks in Barcelona

Specialists in the buy and sale of modern art in Barcelona.

We are a leading company with more than three decades of experience in the buy of modern art and antique objects. Our wide selection includes diverse categories and artistic styles. We offer a personalized service for clients who wish to sell heirlooms, private collections and pieces related to the world of art and antiques.

We have a solid infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients in the field of buying and selling art and antiques.


Tandem Antiques Barcelona can be interested in buying the art or antique objects you are interested in selling and in case of interest we can make home visits to make the buy and we have a professional infrastructure for the transfer or removal of your antique objects or artworks.

The variety of objects we are interested in buying is wide, from antique paintings, sculpture, decorative art, antique silver objects, cabinets, fans and Manila shawls. Regarding the modern art of the 20th century, we are specialized in the artistic discipline of graphic works and multiple sculptures by artists such as Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Antoni Tàpies.


Why choose Tandem Antiques Barcelona?

With more than 30 years of experience and located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Tandem Antiques works with professionalism to continue offering day by day a selection of high quality and guaranteed pieces. Our field of sale includes those artistic and valuable objects that have been preserved over time.

The commitment of Tandem Antiques Barcelona in the art trade.

The rigorousness and experience in our sector offers the client different facilities. Both to buyers and sellers in order to achieve serious, professional and safe sales. We trade with a great variety of pieces of different styles.

We are a firm and valued company in this market due to our professionalism and experience. Our emphasis and effort allow us to work and deal with a great variety of objects and works of different types thanks to our historical, artistic and cultural knowledge. We make direct buys of the pieces that you are interested in selling to us.

The world of antiques is a sector that is in constant change, as all kinds of objects and curiosities from our past are appearing on the market, awakening our interest and that of many buyers. The value of art requires an optical perspective and a historical and cultural knowledge to be able to adjust to a correct market price of the piece to be treated.Art is a changing, moldable phenomenon that reconfigures itself with the passage of time, new fashions and trends. Therefore, our market is so wide, that we find all kinds of works of different origin, age and value.

Why buy or sell art and antiques in Barcelona at Tandem Antiques?

In Tandem Antiques we are specialized in buying and selling art. We buy and sell different types of pieces in order to study, explain their value and current importance.

Our more than 30 years in the sector have allowed us an important learning experience. Our perseverance and determination to acquire new pieces has pushed us to consolidate our position in the sector.

In Tandem Antiques art trade is our trade and trust with the customer is our priority. We have detailed cards of the pieces in order to provide our customers with all the particularities of each item.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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